Sunday, 18 January 2009

Look at me - I'm the 'first follower'! I guess that means the rest of you had something better to do on a Sunday afternoon!! Still haven't done my 'assignment' yet, but am looking forward to a quieter week this week so I can fit it in. I enjoyed the extra word association that Jacqui sent, and I was a bit more imaginative this time. All good stuff, all making me think creatively again.


  1. Here we are; my blog debut. Had a go at the assignment. It took a little while to find a 'target' that stayed in my field of vision for long enough. Fascinating insight into human behaviour. Hope nobody observes me that closely! Describing the person was ok if a bit laborious but what fun speculating on her (yes it was her)next 1/2 hr. Will try it again.
    Have not started on my own writing yet.

  2. I hope this gets through..I have finished my observation....but not as yet written it up.I found the experience fascinating,it was as if all my senses came alive! I was positive that everyone knew what I was doing!I remembered as a child I would sit on the bus going to school and observe people and make up stories about this felt very much like that.
    I have also been working on my blog...thanks to Jacqui ..I will be aiming to gain as much as I can from Exposition in the hope that my blog improves as we work together at our writing.