Saturday, 7 March 2009

"On Time..."

In Britain there is a great deal of store set in being “on time.”
Our nation is symbolised by a clock!
But I have come to think there is some virtue in “a little late.”

“On time” feels like a theoretical point in maths that great minds are trying to fathom – to calculate their way to – but haven’t quite got their yet.
It seems unobtainable.

I aim for “on time,” but mostly end up “a little late.”

Getting out on time is such a challenge in all our diversity:
One too old to worry,
One to young to care,
One who just doesn’t get it
Or one who’d rather not be there.

Trying to herd this group of independent individuals into the hall together and out the front door “on time” can create friction.
Better “a little late” in harmony, than “on time” in discord.

Some say “I’d rather be an hour early than a minute late”…Well honestly I wouldn’t… There aren’t enough hours in my day for that.
And what about the boy who came too early, and I mean too EARLY!

Only half ready, all skinny and small,
He couldn’t even breathe for himself,
And as for us, we weren’t ready at all.

Untold things might have been different if he had managed “a little late”

Karen Mehta 09-02-09


  1. Karen - this is so insightful, so very powerful and I think that you are fabulous,

  2. This really touched my heart... Karen....made me stop and take a breath.